We are super excited to offer premium upgrades to enhance your camp experience.  Pamper yourself with our limited edition Self Care Package or make your life easier by having us take care of your bedding and towels for the weekend with our deluxe Bedding Packages.  

Self Care Package $100

This limited edition upgrade includes a gorgeous personalized care package with Ivory Isis Herbal's handmade organic potions created exclusively for camp, plus your choice of either a 30 minute intuitive reading or self care coaching session.  

Organic Beauty Products

Bedding Upgrade $50

Don't want to hassle with buying twin sheets and bedding for the weekend and lugging them to camp?  Flying in and don't know how you're going to bring everything?  We've got you covered, friend.  With this upgrade, we provide your bedding (quilt, sheets, pillow case*), a towel set,  and room/tent décor to enhance your camp vibe.   Best part?  No extra laundry when you get home.  Totally worth it. 

*You bring your own pillow, we'll bring the pillow case. 

Folded Bedding on Tatami Mat

Luxury Upgrade $150

Want to pamper yourself at camp?  This upgrade provides all your bedding (quilt, sheets, pillow case*), towel set, room décor including fresh flowers, a self care package made exclusively for camp by Ivory Isis Herbal, plus your choice of a 30 minute intuitive reading or self care coaching session.  Let us take care of you, friend.   


*You bring the pillow, we provide the pillow case.