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What is Camp Wildling?

Camp Wildling is everything you loved about sleepaway camp as a kid with the perfect grown up vibe. Through a variety of conscientiously-curated participatory workshops, thoughtful and engaging evening activities, Camp Wildling is an opportunity to awaken your curiosity, revel in your authenticity, and connect to vibrant sense of wholeness.

What kind of programming is offered at Camp Wildling?

Camp Wildling boasts a diverse selection of classes and experiences to encourage deep, authentic interaction with others through a creative, engaging approach. Throughout the camp experience, you’ll choose from interactive offerings like yoga, meditation, hiking, group sharing, arts+crafts, and more.

Am I required to participate in anything?

The best part about camp is that you get to do suits you best. Want to check out as many classes as possible? We've got so many to choose from. Want to hang out in an inner tube by the river all day? That sounds AMAZING! Wanna wander the forest by yourself to reconnect with your inner wildling? We can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Bottom line, this is your camp and you get to create your own experience.

Where is Camp Wildling held?

Camp Wildling is held at the beautiful Mound Ridge Retreat Center located in the Upper Meramec region of the Missouri Ozarks. The closest city is Rolla, which is about a half hour from camp. It's a four hour drive from Kansas City and a two hour drive from St Louis.

Can I come alone?

Absolutely! The energy at Camp Wildling is our unfolding co-creation. Our dearest intention is to create a vibrant space that fosters a deep sense of community, openness, and exploration. The beauty of sleepaway camp is that it coaxes us out of our comfort zones and routines, and brings us into this beautiful shared space where we just get to be ourselves. Rooting in your authenticity is the gateway to true connection with others. Camp Wildling offers endless opportunities to connect with yourself, community, and nature.

How many campers will there be?

In light of the COVID situation, we have limited the number of attendees. Under ideal circumstances we can host up to 100 people. However, we are opting to host around 30 campers per session.

When does camp start and end?

June: For first time attendees, Camp Wildling registration begins at 12 PM on Thursday, June 10th and ends with closing ceremony at 9:30 AM on Sunday, June 13th. Members of First Camp may register to arrive on Wednesday, June 9th for a special reunion at a discounted nightly rate. August: For first time attendees, registration begins at 12 PM on Thursday, August 19th and ends on Sunday, August 22nd. Previous attendees may register to arrive on Wednesday, August 18th for a special reunion at a discounted nightly rate.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

We hope that you'll be able to be with us for the entire experience but we understand that may not be possible. While we can't change our prices, you're welcome to join the party a little late or sneak out early. Please be sure to let us know when to expect you so we can have everything ready for you.

Should I bring bedding and towels?

Due to the COVID situation, bedding is not provided. Please bring your own bedding (comforter/sleeping bag, sheets, pillows, etc.) and your own towels.

Is there WIFI and cellphone service?

Kind of. There are some WIFI hotspots located in the main camp but service can be spotty. Cell service is availale at main camp as well. WIFI is not available in the cabins, tent camping area by the river, or glamping platforms. If you need to have consistent WIFI and cellphone service, this probably isn't the experience for you. Our camp is located deep in the forest on a remote and ancient mountain.

What about the pool and the river?

The pool is the perfect size for swimming with friends or hanging out poolside. We're considering offering Aqua Yoga in 2021. Mound Ridge lies directly on the Meramec River, near the headwaters. The water in the section in front of camp is about knee to shin deep. We have kayaks and lifejackets available for you to take out at no additional cost. The campers in August, 2020 had to portage the boats a bit but were able to kayak most sections, which is great for late summer. The water is crystal clear and wildlife is abundant. There is no lifeguard on duty. All water activities are at your own risk.

Can I bring my kids or pets?


Is there going to be alcohol?

We will not be providing alcohol at camp. We're okay if you enjoy responsibly and thoughtfully as long as you are respectful and clean up after yourself. We don't want to find leftovers from your evening adventures littered around the pool and river. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the workshops. This is not a party camp or a place to get trashed and numb, quite the opposite. Camp was created to be a mindful experience that evokes true presence and deep inner connection.

Can I smoke cigarettes at camp?

Smoking is permitted outdoors but be cool. Don't smoke in the workshops, events or near groups of people. Clean up your butts and litter.

Do I need a certain level of physical fitness to participate at camp?

While some activities are more physically-oriented than others, there is something for everyone, and we will work to make all activities accessible to the full range of participants. Go for the activities that speak to your heart, while participating at a level that feels appropriate for your personal health and fitness. That being said, camp is held on an ancient Ozark mountain known as a "knob". Main camp is located at the top and the river is at the bottom -- this covers a lot of territory. For those walking, you will cover a lot of ground and experience a lot of stairs. Driving on the property will be allowed under certain circumstances. Just let us know in advance and we'll get you set up.

Is my ticket transferable? Is it refundable?

Although we’ll be super bummed if your plans change and you can’t make it, your registration is transferable. Please contact us if your transfer your ticket so we know whom to expect at camp. Tickets are not refundable.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes! If you’ve got killer skills and camp spirit to spare, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at kelly@florakc.com and let us know what you have to offer. We'd love help in the following areas: Photography Marketing Art Installations

Are you hiring teachers?

We are now accepting requests to teach classes at camp for the 2021 season.
Please email the following information to kelly@florakc.com: Class Name Class Description Supplies Needed Space Requirements Ideal # of Participants Compensation for teaching is $75/90 minute class plus free lodging/vegetarian meals if tent camping OR $100 off a ticket for a spot in the cabins.

Who's behind Camp Wildling?

Camp Wildling is Kelly Cirone's dream come true. You can find out more about Kelly here.

Is Camp Wildling religiously affiliated?

We are not a Christian camp. The retreat center itself is run by a lovely Christian non-profit that respects people on all paths. Camp is an evolving co-creation of all its diverse attendees. You might bow before the altar of nature, the moon and stars, the deep forest and the sun during our time together. You will learn Hindu philosophy if you choose to attend our amazing yoga classes. You will experience Buddhist dharma talks if you come to meditation. You might spend time in prayer and reverence in the beautiful outdoor chapel, if your faith moves you to do so. Camp asks you to come as you are, follow your wide open heart, and dive into the depths that beckon you.

How many people are in the VIP and Group cabins?

Due to the COVID situation, we are limiting attendance to a small group of around 30 campers per session. All of the Main Lodge - VIP rooms will be for a single person or 2-3 people within the same "bubble". Sharing space in the group cabins depends on the cabin layout. In some cabins, a single person or couple can book their own wing of a cabin that shares a bath with the other wing. Other cabins can occupy 2 or more who are in the same bubble. Please see the Lodging page for cabin descriptions and get in touch with questions prior to booking your space.

What are the COVID precautions?

Your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. Although there is no way to offer complete protection from the virus, we have implemented guidelines to help keep you as safe as possible. To that end, we have drastically limited attendance to around 30 people. All of the VIP rooms are offered as single rooms or shared with a partner. All of the group cabins are limited to 2 people or small group bubbles. All of the activities are held outside. Meals are served on the covered outdoor patio or you eat by the fire circle outside of the dining hall.


Address: Mound Ridge Retreat Center

31 Agape Lane

Cook Station, Missouri

Email:  kelly@florakc.com


June 9-13, 2021

August 18-22, 2021



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