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Mound Ridge Retreat Center 

Mound Ridge Retreat Center, our beautiful 370-acre camp, overlooks the headwaters of the Meramec River.  Its grounds contain two low mounds thought to have been built during the Woodland period. 


Many of the buildings and stone walkways on the property were built by master stonemasons in 1920.


You can't help but feel the history of these wild lands.



For our early risers, the day begins with sunrise yoga and meditation.  Those who enjoy sleeping in can join in on one of our wonderful class sessions exploring activities like yoga, meditation, charcoal drawing, hiking, and more.  Don't forget the pool, the forest and river are always available for you do your own thing.   


Check out our Teachers page to meet your expert guides and see the Classes page for the full list of offerings. 



Each night brings its own special guided adventure.  We haven't announced our 2021 offerings yet but you can expect things like stargazing by the river, bonfire ceremonies, and more.  Our previous campers tell us the all-camp night activities are their very favorite experiences at camp.

As we get a little closer to camp, we'll update the Schedule of Events page with our special nighttime immersions.  

Keep in mind...

Helpful hints before you join us.

Mound Ridge was developed over 100 years ago.  It's a beautiful, rustic camp located on a giant hillside.  You will be covering a lot of ground and much of it is uphill.  If you're walking, you will be doing a lot of it and encountering many, many stairs.


The cabins are simple, clean and traditional camp-style, meaning the mattresses aren't the fluffiest, the showers sometimes run out of hot water, and if you keep your doors open, you might run into small animal friends.  If you've ever been to a rural summer camp as a kid, you know the drill. It's C A M P not the Hilton, and we think that's what makes it so special.  Besides, our prices are incredible and you get so much for your investment.

The WIFI is spotty at main camp and completely non-existent in the cabins.  If WIFI is of utmost importance during your retreat, this is not the experience for you.  


The food at camp is vegetarian and delicious. If you are a meat eater or your diet relies heavily on protein, you might want to bring some food to tide you over.  And you can always ask for seconds.  You're going to be moving a lot, so make sure you have enough snacks to fuel your fire.  

Bring bug spray!